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Hello World and Happy Birthday

My first blog entry is on my wife Adrienne’s birthday. Love, birth, Flash, data visualization – all in one post – auspicious.

Why another Flash blog? Well, this one’s going to be on data visualization – basically fancy interactive charts and graphs made with Flash.

Why charts and graphs? A few reasons…

  1. Data visualization can make the world a better place. Really.
  2. I spoke at the MAX conference this year and people expressed interest in this type of work. That interest is what finally got me blogging. Thanks.
  3. The most interesting thing going on right now in computers is Web2.0. Currently, most of the interesting visualization work is being done using Ajax. I think (hope) Flash will play a bigger role in visualizing Web2.0 data. Ajax, as great as it is, can only take you so far.

What will be here? Links to Flash data sites, ActionScript code, thoughts on data design, some Web2.0.

Any guidelines? Only links to Flash data work. For Ajax stuff, check out Programmable Web’s huge list of mashups.

Why forest and the trees? Good visualizations allow users to see both overviews and and specific details of data sets. Great ones allow you to move seemlessly between the two (think Google Earth).

What about Flex? Flex is Flash. It’s included. I like Flex.

Coming soon… a theme, better link organization.

Happy Birthday Adrienne!!!

  1. Tom Maher aka "Dashtracker" says: October 25, 20056:33 am

    Hi there, glad to find a Flash-oriented data presentation site. I’ve been looking for some good resources on Flash dashboard applications, who’s doing what etc….I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


  2. mo says: October 25, 20052:36 pm

    Hey, thanks for the link (to the world factbook) and good luck with the blog! I’ll watch your progress :) mo

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