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Links Page

Only a week late. The blog is really taking off. From now on please go to the LINKS page for all your Flash Data Visualization needs.

Why a new page? I was going nuts trying to figure out how to keep the links up to date. I was keeping track of them using delicious. That has a public API, so copying and pasting into Word Press seemed kind of stupid. I poked around and delicious has a handy “link roll” section in their help. It will generate the JavaScript necessary to return a list of your links. So, I added a special tag for the blog, added additional category tags, set up a few link rolls, pasted the JavaScript into WordPress, and now I can add a link by bookmarking in delicious. Nice and easy.

I still need to organize the links better. I’ve only added descriptions and ordering to the first set of tags. And I need to figure out what to do with the regular blog links. (And I need to fix that Theme which I stupidly only made look good for the home page.)

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