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Links, Again

Another post about the links (yes, I know, boring). The links page is finally organized. Well, organized enough to live with.

I want to point out two really nice swfs that were released in the last couple of days…

An art history color palette analyzer. I think this is really great and the kind of stuff I was looking forward to seeing with Flash 8 – by Dr. Woohoo.

And Jonathon Harris has created another great piece – phylotaxis – made for Seed Magazine, which I never heard of and enjoyed reading.

I will now stop writing about this site.

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  1. dr. woohoo says: December 16, 200510:14 am

    thank you doug, i really appreciate it. i hope it inspires and helps people out during the creative process. there’s a lot more that i have planned for In The Mod, including a showcase that features what people have created with the downloaded palette(s) as well as a varity of different 2d interpolations of the data. i have a long list of other features i would like to include after i finish up with my (bps) RIAs.


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