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FlashForward Finalist

Findr is a FlashForward Finalist in the Application category. Wow.

I’ve actually been doing a bunch of work on Findr. I am adding a couple search features and should be open sourcing it really soon (finally). The source is kind of a mess, but, I’ve now gotten 2 emails requesting it, so I’m feeling the pressure. (Thanks for the requests btw.) I just uploaded another version (0.7). It has a couple performance enhancements and some bug fixes. Thumbs load by row now, so, if you click on another tag before all the thumbs are loaded, all 99 thumbs will not load in background and suck up all your bandwidth. Also, Kelvin Luck updated Flashr (again) and it now has caching. I’ve done some testing and this seems pretty great – basically, you don’t need to re-query Flickr for the same request. Caching might cause some memory problems. If you have any, please let me know. It’s very easy to go back to the non-cached version.

Anyway, I’m flattered to get the nomination. But really, both Kelvin, for building Flashr, and Flickr, for putting out a comprehensive API, deserve as much credit as I do. Findr’s kind of buggy and experimental (it’s certainly not up to “client work” standards) – and the other apps look pretty great and solid – but, Findr is the only one developed using a public API and a 3rd party open source tool – and I’m assuming that that was one of the reasons it was chosen. I’m psyched about that. (I’ll blog about why soon.) And I’d love to see “using public APIs” as a FF category in the future. For other Flash apps using public APIs, please check the links page.

Oh yeah – vote for Findr here. All the finalists are here.

(Usage is sure up. Check my mochibot findr stats. Cool.)

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