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findr Advanced

I put up a new version of findr that has two advanced controls.

  1. You can return photos in any order – the default is “interesting”, but now you can retrieve by “latest upload” and more.
  2. Added a rather slow “noise reduction” or “tag spam blocker” feature. What am I talking about? If you drill down far enough in findr you always end up with this lion. It shows up because it has so many tags. Now you can eliminate pics that have too many tags. Open Advanced Controls. Check “noise reduction”. Use the slider to set the tag threshold. Unfortunately, it is slow. So beware. Flickr does not return tags with photos on a multi-photo query. So, you need to loop through a list of photos and grab tags for each one. That said, you do get rid of the lions. To see it work try: dog –> golden retriever –> family.

I am leaving the original version of findr up as well. The advanced controls are interesting as an experiment. But — they’re not really necessary; I don’t love how they look (need to skin that combo box); they’re slow; and, most of the time, simple is better.

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