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I had to make a trailer for the FlashForward awards with a soundtrack.

Two versions: QuickTime (30MB) for the awards; and a swf (16MB) for your downloading convenience that looks worse (jumpy, pixelated, not as in sync with music).

I used Camtesia Studio to make the trailers. That’s a nice, easy to use product. (Although more display options on the flash vcr control would be good.)

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  1. Forest and the Trees » idgit.org says: March 12, 200612:32 pm

    [...] After doing the trailer for the FlashForward awards (which I lost – I can only assume the judges were Swedish), I remembered how fun it is to make useless Flash animations. You don’t have to worry about user behavior. You can add music. Big initial downloads don’t matter (although findr personal sure has that). So, I’ve re-launched an old url of mine (idgit.org) where I used to post Flash experiments. I went through some old files – and cleaned up and posted one. (more soon, hopefully) [...]

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