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tagtree, findr Update

I made a new version of findr – findr personal. It loads all of a single flickr user’s pictures and creates a tag structure. Unfortunately, the initial load is painfully slow (a separate query is called to get each pic’s tags). But, there are advantages to having all the data – for example, you know how many pictures relate to each tag.

I also fixed some bugs and added a couple features, including a link to flickr’s slide show player. In certain situations, the slide player may not exactly match what you are viewing in findr but usually it will work just fine. (flickr’s slide player doesn’t load 99 pics at once, support all type of sorting, or allow for a startPage param – or maybe it does, but I couldn’t figure it out).

Also – just to confuse matters, I’ve set up a new site, tagtree.net, for all of these tag based experiments. (I’m calling the tag navigation part of findr a tagtree.) I updated findr and findr advanced on this site, but, findr personal only lives on tagtree. Eventually, I’ll probably just set up a re-direct from here. I’m not positive starting a new site is a good idea, but whatever.

findr personal
findr advanced

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