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flickr Slide Show

hmm.. just noticed that the slide show link doesn’t really work too well in findr. Apparently you can’t use multiple tags and the interesting setting. Findr uses “sort by interesting” to retrieve pics – you do get nice pics that way. The slide show works fine for single tags. And it works in findr personal (where “sort by most recent upload” is used). Looks like I’m going to have to get the slide show working in Flash.

So – two things I’d like changed to flickr - 1. an option to return photos’ tags on photo search – that would make findr personal usable – i.e., get rid of that initial wait. 2. slide show: multiple tags + interesting; photo number to start – e.g., start with the 10th most interesting photo.

Other than those problems, that flickr api’s pretty nice. And I love those easy to understand urls. That’s all that’s going on for the slide show – just calculate the url based on the tags clicked and open a new page. Unfortunately, I should have tested a bit more.