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flickr API Change

flickr has changed their public api. Unfortunately, it affects everyone who’s made a Flash/Flickr tool. Mario has good summary here.

So, findr users – uh, it might not work. But, I’ll get to it soon.

Damn public apis.

UPDATE: August 20, 2006
I’ve updated findr to the new api location. If you are using flashr 0.4, you only need to change 2 lines in the flickr.as file

private var _AUTH_ENDPOINT:String = "http://flickr.com/services/auth/";
change to...
private var _AUTH_ENDPOINT:String = "http://api.flickr.com/services/auth/";
_REST_ENDPOINT = "http://www.flickr.com/services/rest/";
change to...
_REST_ENDPOINT = "http://api.flickr.com/services/rest/";

The updated source for flashr is here.

So, small change – but, pain in the ass because I have multiple versions of findr. I did finally get around to upgrading the detection script to swfObject – so you no longer have to click on findr to activate it in MIE. SwfObject is pretty nice, btw. In addition to handling the MIE problem, it easily allows you to pass variables from url addresses to Flash.

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  1. PetitOn » The moving Flickr API says: September 13, 20065:54 pm

    [...] I googled for “flash flickr stopped working”, to see if someone had the same problem. Oh, yes. And some of the knew why and had the solution, like Doug Marttila at “Forest and Trees“, author of findr. Flickr changed its service endpoint just slightly. [...]

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