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Happy New Year!

anti-blogging weapon
Happy New Year! Well, the best thing to happen to me last year is pictured above. Adrienne and I had our first kid (Clara) almost four months ago. Clara’s great. But, don’t be mislead by the cuteness, she’s actually an anti-blogging weapon. She is why this blog has pretty much sucked for the past 4 months. But, New Year’s means resolutions – so in addition to losing my pregnancy weight – I will blog once a week for 2007. We’ll see how long that lasts – but, I’m going to try.

2006 was a great year for me – hope everyone else had a good one as well.

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  1. dr woohoo says: January 2, 20071:45 am

    congratulations doug and adrienne – clara is beautiful. i have a daughter myself, who’s almost 11, and she is the greatest inspiration i have. i was dedicated to my work before she was born, but afterward, the tone shifted and it had a very distinct purpose. there’s nothing like knowing that someone else’s life depends on you. LOL. have a great one!


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