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Creating a flickr driven screen saver

This only works for Windows – sorry.

1. Grab the files from my mashup talk here. (Also get a flickr api key if you don’t have one. There is a link on the page.)
2. Open slideShow.fla – enter your flickr api key.
3. OPTIONAL: Change the background color to black – so it matches the screensaver background in Windows.
4. Change the tags to whatever you want. (Comment out //var user=’some user here’ if you want to search all of flickr.
5. OPTIONAL: To remove the slide show controls open “class com.forestandthetrees.slideShow.SlideShowPlayer” and comment out line 74
//h -= addUserNavigation(centerX, h, slideShowDelayVars);
6. Publish and test the swf.
7. Go to flashsaver.org.
8. There are a bunch of options I ignored on the first page. Go to the second page. Name your screen saver upload your swf.
9. Click Next. Download your screensaver.

Too lazy to make your own? Here’s a screensaver that displays photos from flickr tagged with ‘dog’.

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