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Slide Show – and Projects

I made another small update to the Slide Show files I posted a few weeks ago. Now there is a version that receives the tag and user info from the url. (This uses swfObject, which is the best way to embed swfs.) Anyway – for this version you don’t need to compile anything to use. Just download the three files – modify the html page so it has your tags/user info, and upload to your site.

Also, I’ve added a projects page to this site. This lists, not surprisingly, projects I work on – some frequently, some, well, not very frequently at all.

  1. Jeff says: April 14, 20078:43 am

    Am I crazy or does this not work? If I click on a link, input a user and tags, the little spinning icon just keeps spinning.. but never finds any pictures.


  2. Doug says: April 15, 20077:52 am

    so here:


    put in the user name: that’s the more human readable name not the one that looks like “1234456677@N00″

    then enter tags. Or you can also skip the use and just enter tags.

    Maybe flickr was just down when you tried it earlier – it actually happens kind of frequently

    Let me know if you’re still having problems – if so, send me the user and tags you entered and I can check them out

    Thanks for the comment


  3. Doug says: April 16, 20076:34 am

    I guess I really should add some error handling. Soon.

  4. jmoney says: May 8, 200711:11 pm

    This code is pretty good..yet very hard to sort out since it is all classes, .as, etc. Overall, very nice work.

    I am trying to tweak it and make it simplier in nature, yet I am having trouble trying to:

    1) Set it so it starts out paused. I want more of a slideshow with the option to play on click

    2) Move the nav. How can I control where the nav is placed? I know it is centering, etc. yet I would love the ability to either over ride the placement or actually position the movieclips accordingly on the stage.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Doug says: May 9, 20073:47 am

    I’m very busy right now – but, I will take another pass at the slide show soon – probably by the end of the month.

  6. jmoney says: May 9, 20077:04 am

    That is cool but even if you can just point me in the right direction I will work it out and you can go back to your basic.

  7. Doug says: May 9, 20077:18 am

    For the navigation – it is added in method
    private function addUserNavigation(x:Number, h:Number, delayVarsO:Object):Number {
    line 92 of Class SlideShowPlayer

    To stop at the beginning add
    to the bottom of the method
    same class, line 118

    Good luck

  8. jmoney says: May 9, 20077:27 am

    Thanks. That’s a great start. Is that where the navigation gets attached to the bottom of the image?

  9. Doug says: May 9, 20077:33 am


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