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Digg Public API Flash Data Viz Contest

Digg has launched a public API – and with it, a contest. Great to see another public API – and I think this is the first public API data visualization Flash contest ever. Cool. API developed by Stamen. Looks like first place gets you all the EA Games out there and the CS3 Master Suite. Other prizes include other Adobe CS3 flavors.

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  1. Paul says: July 23, 20073:03 pm

    I’ve been dabbling with the Digg API and it’s pretty good.

    So far I’ve built…


    …which allows users to check how their Digg story submissions are doing.



    … to see how their comments are doing. I plan to integrate them both soon.

    They’re still in early development but I’ve learnt a lot about the Digg API in the mean time.

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