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Election Update

Entered the latest state info from CNN. Again, I can’t figure this data out: Is it wrong? (state totals don’t add up to overall totals) Is it sloppy? (Texas 12 superdelegates, but, 12 to Clinton and 9 to Obama) Well, it’s updated anyway. I changed the colors a bit – don’t love them, but, at least Clinton and Obama colors are consistent.

Also – the source is a mess, but, if anyone’s interested – here’s the xml file adn the xsd. If you make a chart, please send me an email.

Dashboard here.

  1. Daniel R. says: March 5, 200812:24 pm

    Maybe the NYTimes data is easier to deal with? Anyway they have this to say about Texas:

    Of the state’s 193 pledged delegates, 126 are assigned proportionally based on the election results in the 31 state Senate districts, which have varying numbers of delegates depending on their level of support for the Democratic nominees in the most recent presidential and gubernatorial elections. After the voting ends on March 4, caucuses are convened to select delegates to county and Senate district conventions. At these conventions, held on March 29, the delegates to the state convention are chosen, and, ultimately, 67 pledged delegates are chosen at the state convention on June 6 and 7. Of the 35 unpledeged delegates, 32 are party leaders, and three others are elected at the state convention.

  2. Doug says: March 5, 20081:17 pm

    That clears it up!
    It’s nuts. The more you learn about it, the more you realize how far we are from a real popular democracy.

  3. Wade Linebaugh says: April 7, 20088:32 pm

    Oh wow that’s what you were working on! I saw the chart over your shoulder the other day. I don’t understand the code side of it but i like the setup.

    And yeah, the shit part of this election is it looks like nobody’s going to win outright, so half of the party is going to be pretty pissed off with the results. fun!

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