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103 Delegates Today

Getting near the end – Oregon and Kentucky hold their primaries today. Looks like Clinton will win Kentucky (51 delegates). Obama will win Oregon (52 delegates). And Clinton will continue to smoke the high grade and think she can somehow win. I updated the election center and added a summary tab. The tab contains two charts: a pie chart showing current totals; and a bar chart showing how many delegates each candidate needs to win. Most telling is Clinton needs to win 72% of the remaining delegates to win.

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  1. Cato Paus says: May 23, 20086:53 am

    WE need to vote again :) https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-247

    I realy hope we can have USB communication in AIR and Flash Player :)

    I can imagine many different type of applications which can communicate
    with different devices connected over USB, atleast my phone (over
    bluetooth or cable)…

    It would be great if AIR and Flash player can have USB API for those
    things, so that we (developers) are not forced to write socket-servers
    and take care of installation etc..

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