— Forest and the Trees

Flash on Tap

UPDATE: Flash on Tap has been postponed to May 2009. It will now be even more awesome!

I’ll be speaking at Flash on Tap this October 7-9 in Boston. This should be a great conference: Flash + Beer = Nothing to Fear? Or something. Anyway, the speaker line up is top notch. I’m pretty psyched to be included in such an impressive group. My topic is Five Minute Design Patterns. Description below…

Screw eight minute abbs. We’ll be learning a new design pattern every five minutes in this high-impact non-aerobic session. That’s ten whole patterns: Adapter, Template, Singleton, Factory, Strategy, Facade, Iterator, Command, Bridge, and Composite. Why so many in so little time? Because patterns are used for many things, but, mostly they are used to impress other developers. So volume counts. “Composite your tree structure!”; “Facade those classes!”; “UML your bridge!”; and “Iterate this!” are just some things you might say after you’ve paid a little bit of attention during this session. Feel the burn!

We’ll see if the preso works (I think it will be fun), but, hey, if it doesn’t, what do you care? You get to drink beer.

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