— Forest and the Trees


Getting near the end – Oregon and Kentucky hold their primaries today. Looks like Clinton will win Kentucky (51 delegates). Obama will win Oregon (52 delegates). And Clinton will continue to smoke the high grade and think she can somehow win. I updated the election center and added a summary tab. The tab contains two charts: a pie chart showing current totals; and a bar chart showing how many delegates each candidate needs to win. Most telling is Clinton needs to win 72% of the remaining delegates to win.

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Updated the counts and added some more charts. Not perfect, but, better. Here it is. Also, lots of bugs when you resize!

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I had been working w/ the Flex beta (where you couldn’t get at the source) for so long, I just gave up. But, you can get at the charting component source if you buy Flex Builder Pro. Not open source, but, all I want to do is override methods. (via Pearls of Flex)

Check out this link if you need to extract the source. For 3.0 it seemed to auto-extract. But, for Flex 3.1, I needed to extract.

Also, check this post for the command to type into terminal.

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