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Had a great time presenting at Boston Flex User Group last night.

Presentation deck

Sample DVS (printing)

Code for dealing w/ resizing, scrolling, and tracking which part of the swf is visible to the user. I will post a better stand alone example soon (really, well, hopefully)

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Adobe released a new sdk for Flex which fixes a cross-scripting security threat. So, you download the sdk, unzip it, create a new directory for 3.4.0 in your flex sdks directory. Also extract the data viz zip and put its files in the appropriate directories in the 3.4.0 directory that you just added. (You could do this different ways as well.)

Then in Flex Builder, right click on a project, choose Properties, Flex Compiler, Configure Flex SDKs. And add your new SDK.

So, pretty sure there are plenty of posts on how to do the above. But, now you need to extract the DataViz source. This post explains that. And here’s what you can copy and paste into Terminal to get it to work if you’re on a mac.

java -jar “/Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3 Plug-in/sdks/3.4.0/lib/DMV-source.jar” “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flex” “/Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3 Plug-in/sdks/3.4.0″

The blog changes the straight quotes to curly quotes, so, you’ll probably have to change that.

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I needed this for creating an axis label for a chart. The Flex Charting label was flashing. Basically it creates a bitmap of the text and then rotates that. Obviously, you can’t select text, but, might be useful for someone. Here it is. Click the “add a text field” button. Then change text in the text input component. Rotate using the slider. Right click, view source.

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Amazingly, made it through ten patterns in an hour – even w/ my long winded intro.

Presentation here: keynote, pdf, ppt.

Code is here. Right-click, view source. There is a different application file for each of the patterns. So, only the first example (the non-patterns example) is viewable on-line.

Thanks to everyone who attended the talk. It was a great turnout and I had a blast.

Kudos to Chris and Rebecca for putting on such a great conference. Flash on Tap definitely rocked. Can’t wait for next year.

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No, not the tour to support Smell the Glove. But, Flash on Tap! Which takes a sophisticated view of sex and puts in on a farm. Excuse me, I mean, takes a sophisticated view of Flash puts it on a beer festival.

Beer! Flash! Talking! Beer (including Haverill, Lagunitas, Smuttynose, and Stone – some of my favorites)! May 28 – 30th at the castle in Boston. It will be fun. You should go.

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Now I can copy and paste this code instead of having to remember a.name().toString();

Anyway – this takes
var x : XML =
<node name=’Doug’ hadAGoodTimeSleddingOnSunday = ‘true’/>
o.name = “Doug”;
o.hadAGoodTimeSleddingOnSunday = “true” //yup you’d want to type that as a Boolean.

var o : Object = {};
var atts : XMLList = x.attributes();
for each (var a : XML in atts) {
var propName : String = a.name().toString();
o[propName] = a.toXMLString();

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Tour de Flex is a great Flex reference tool. It might be the first Air app I actually use.

And, it features the Kap Lab components. I haven’t used them yet, but, they look like pretty nice data viz tools – and they are freeware. Currently they include the following components: Tree Map, Radar Chart, Visualilizer (node mapping), and Diagrammer (looks like node mapping where the end user can do the mapping).

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Really need to start blogging again. Here’s an example using HierarchicalCollectionViewCursor to set the row color of an Advanced DataGrid by depth. Right-click to view source.

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Here it is. Right-click, view source. I spent less time on this presentation than I ever have. And it was the first presentation written entirely at Characters. Enjoy.
Observer UML!!
The image above was taken from ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns. The code was also kind of taken from there. Well, the interfaces were anyway.

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Our designer wanted to know how to skin the FlexLib Window Shade, so I put this together. Might be useful to someone. Shows how to set the button property on the Window Shade – but, more generally (and probably more importantly) shows multiple ways to set item renderers. Right click to view source.

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