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It’s worth doing political charts just to have titles like “Election Center Update”. Obama won Wyoming and Mississippi is tomorrow. Anyway, I just added a delegate count comparison page, here.

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Entered the latest state info from CNN. Again, I can’t figure this data out: Is it wrong? (state totals don’t add up to overall totals) Is it sloppy? (Texas 12 superdelegates, but, 12 to Clinton and 9 to Obama) Well, it’s updated anyway. I changed the colors a bit – don’t love them, but, at least Clinton and Obama colors are consistent.

Also – the source is a mess, but, if anyone’s interested – here’s the xml file adn the xsd. If you make a chart, please send me an email.

Dashboard here.

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Combination of being annoyed that I couldn’t find the data I wanted on-line and playing around w/ Flex 3 Charting, led to this.

Still very incomplete, but, figured I should post in case Obama wins Texas and no one cares about delegate counts any more.

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File this under either RTFM or “can I get that hour of my life back”, maybe both. To trace xml that is simple (e.g., one node), you need to use toXMLString.

public var myXML:XML =<root>
<item id=’1′/>
<item id=’2′/>
<item id=’2′/></root>

public function init(): void {
trace(myXML.item.(@id==2));//traces 2 nodes
trace(myXML.item.(@id==1));//traces nothing
trace(myXML.item.(@id==1).toXMLString());//traces the node

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Here are the files from my BFPUG and Harvard Flash User Group talks. I can’t upload the applications I showed of Visual i|o work, but here’s everything else.

Presention File:

A lot of the middle slides I didn’t even show, but, used as notes while I was demoing the apps.

Download - 10MB rar file. Extracts to Open Office doc.

Here is a PowerPoint version compressed as a zip.

Sample Code:

AS2 Bar Chart – code set up for Eclipse using FDT – to run from Flash IDE – import Main.as and run Main.main(); It also uses SOS for tracing.

Flex Chart Bar Chart example (by Peter deHann) – a great example of how easy it is to chart in Flex. I was going to port the above AS2 example to AS3 – but I’m busy and Flex charting is excellent.

Links to sites I mentioned in the talk:


Lokesh Dhakar – Coffee Drinks

Edward Tufte

Khi Vinh – Think Like a Dog

Gapminder World Chart

Patraeus Charts – Iraq by the Numbers

Indo European Languages


MOMA Tall Buildings


National Geographic Ethanol Story

NY Times

Visual i|o data Viz Wak Throughs

Can’t post what I showed – but here are some examples of our work:

Bubble Chart

Baseball – Pull the Pitcher


Google News Map

Chart to Art:

Alex Dragulescu – Spam Architecture

Jev Bratt – DataBase Imagery

Jason Salavon

Martin Wattenberg – Shape of Song

Stamen – Digg Labs

Flickr Related Tag Browser


Flex Charting

Hans Rosling Ted Talk 2006


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Ok – I never blog any more, but, occasionally I read. There’s a great article in National Geographic on swarm behavior. Surowiecki’s quoted a few times. And he readily admits that wisdom of the crowds (stock market) is paralleled in the animal kingdom (ant colony). The article even includes a good dose of computer modeling.

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Digg has launched a public API – and with it, a contest. Great to see another public API – and I think this is the first public API data visualization Flash contest ever. Cool. API developed by Stamen. Looks like first place gets you all the EA Games out there and the CS3 Master Suite. Other prizes include other Adobe CS3 flavors.

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As I recently posted, Adrienne and I just had our first child. This is my attempt to make money off her celebrate her birth.

When Adrienne was pregnant, I wrote a FlashLite2 app for my phone to track the pregnancy. Then I ported it to the web.

Anyway – it’s a web site – that tracks time! Please tell all your pregnant friends. If you don’t have pregnant friends, you can enter your own birth date. And if you don’t want to do that, you can always just click on the ads and help pay for my daughter’s college education.

If you have a FlashLite2 enabled phone, you can also grab the fl2 swf. As a web site, it’s OK. But, it’s actually pretty handy as a phone app – at least it was for me.

click here babyTracker.org

And go here to see a tracker for June 28, 2007.

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I posted the files and links from my mashup talk last night. Included – full source for creating a mashup in Flash using flickr photos.

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Mashups in Flash

Begins: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 at 6:00 PM

Ends: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 at 8:00 PM


MIT Stata Building

Room 32-144

Cambridge, MA


Link: Building 32 on this map

I’ll be speaking about mashups in Flash on Tuesday January 16 for ABUG. I’m going to talk about what mashups are, show a bunch of mashup examples (mostly ones in Flash), and then walk through creating a mashup in Flash – a slide show grabbing pictures from flickr.

The talk is open to the public. It will be fun, you should attend. If you can make it, feel free to bring examples of your favorite mashup. After the talk we’ll check out extra mashup examples.

Tags: flash mashup speaking

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