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Had a great time presenting at Boston Flex User Group last night.

Presentation deck

Sample DVS (printing)

Code for dealing w/ resizing, scrolling, and tracking which part of the swf is visible to the user. I will post a better stand alone example soon (really, well, hopefully)

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I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. But, looks like infosthetics beat me to it. I’ve been working at PatientsLikeMe for about a year – first consulting and now full time. PatientsLikeMe is a social media site for people w/ serious diseases. There are currently eight main disease communities: ALS, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue System, HIV/AIDS, Mood Conditions (Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, OCD, PTSD), MS, Parkinson’s, and Organ Transplants. I’m making charts. It’s awesome. I really believe we’re making a difference in people’s lives and contributing to medical discovery. Please take a look at the very nice infosthetics post about us to learn more. I’ll try to start posting more about what we’re doing soon.

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Nathan over at flowingdata is now selling posters. They’re cool. And you should give him money just for maintaining his excellent blog.

If you like data posters, history shots is cool too.

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Getting near the end – Oregon and Kentucky hold their primaries today. Looks like Clinton will win Kentucky (51 delegates). Obama will win Oregon (52 delegates). And Clinton will continue to smoke the high grade and think she can somehow win. I updated the election center and added a summary tab. The tab contains two charts: a pie chart showing current totals; and a bar chart showing how many delegates each candidate needs to win. Most telling is Clinton needs to win 72% of the remaining delegates to win.

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Here are the files from my BFPUG and Harvard Flash User Group talks. I can’t upload the applications I showed of Visual i|o work, but here’s everything else.

Presention File:

A lot of the middle slides I didn’t even show, but, used as notes while I was demoing the apps.

Download - 10MB rar file. Extracts to Open Office doc.

Here is a PowerPoint version compressed as a zip.

Sample Code:

AS2 Bar Chart – code set up for Eclipse using FDT – to run from Flash IDE – import Main.as and run Main.main(); It also uses SOS for tracing.

Flex Chart Bar Chart example (by Peter deHann) – a great example of how easy it is to chart in Flex. I was going to port the above AS2 example to AS3 – but I’m busy and Flex charting is excellent.

Links to sites I mentioned in the talk:


Lokesh Dhakar – Coffee Drinks

Edward Tufte

Khi Vinh – Think Like a Dog

Gapminder World Chart

Patraeus Charts – Iraq by the Numbers

Indo European Languages


MOMA Tall Buildings


National Geographic Ethanol Story

NY Times

Visual i|o data Viz Wak Throughs

Can’t post what I showed – but here are some examples of our work:

Bubble Chart

Baseball – Pull the Pitcher


Google News Map

Chart to Art:

Alex Dragulescu – Spam Architecture

Jev Bratt – DataBase Imagery

Jason Salavon

Martin Wattenberg – Shape of Song

Stamen – Digg Labs

Flickr Related Tag Browser


Flex Charting

Hans Rosling Ted Talk 2006


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I’ll be giving this month’s BFPUG talk. I’ll be talking about Data Visualization and Flash, covering the following topics:
* What questions can be answered by visualizing data?
* What are the advantages and challenges of interactive data vs. static visualization?
* What are the trends driving the current surge in data and information visualization?
* How do you create a visualization using Flash? (walking through code)

The usual location is under construction – so the talk will take place at the New England School of Art Annex – 303 Boylston St. Brookline. Here’s a map.

The T stop is Brookline Hills on the D Line.

Date: Wednesday September 26th @ 7pm.

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Digg has launched a public API – and with it, a contest. Great to see another public API – and I think this is the first public API data visualization Flash contest ever. Cool. API developed by Stamen. Looks like first place gets you all the EA Games out there and the CS3 Master Suite. Other prizes include other Adobe CS3 flavors.

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Visual i|o (where I work) is hiring. If you’re interested in data visualization and love to program in Flash, this is the job for you. We are located in Somerville, MA. The work environment is relaxed. And we make cool stuff.

Job description here.

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Nothing to do with Flash. But, this Royksopp video is all info design.

(via infosthetics)

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Business Week interviewed our CEO Angela Shen-Hsieh a couple weeks ago (podcast here).

We also put together an example swf for them. Article describing the swf here. Click on the Interactive Graphic link to see the swf.

The swf is a version of our bubble chart. The sample data represents leads within a sales organization. The bubbles’ visual attributes (size, color, height) can be set to different metrics. The chart is time based – you can move the date dragger at bottom to check lead status at different times. The chart is also a heat map – areas with higher lead concentrations are darker.

Here’s a direct link to the swf.

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