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This looks pretty cool. Box2DAs3 Physics Engine.

(via polygonal labs)

Other physics engines:


Motor Physics

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This looks pretty great…


open source visualization tools in AS3

(via wellFormedData)

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Here are the files from my BFPUG and Harvard Flash User Group talks. I can’t upload the applications I showed of Visual i|o work, but here’s everything else.

Presention File:

A lot of the middle slides I didn’t even show, but, used as notes while I was demoing the apps.

Download - 10MB rar file. Extracts to Open Office doc.

Here is a PowerPoint version compressed as a zip.

Sample Code:

AS2 Bar Chart – code set up for Eclipse using FDT – to run from Flash IDE – import Main.as and run Main.main(); It also uses SOS for tracing.

Flex Chart Bar Chart example (by Peter deHann) – a great example of how easy it is to chart in Flex. I was going to port the above AS2 example to AS3 – but I’m busy and Flex charting is excellent.

Links to sites I mentioned in the talk:


Lokesh Dhakar – Coffee Drinks

Edward Tufte

Khi Vinh – Think Like a Dog

Gapminder World Chart

Patraeus Charts – Iraq by the Numbers

Indo European Languages


MOMA Tall Buildings


National Geographic Ethanol Story

NY Times

Visual i|o data Viz Wak Throughs

Can’t post what I showed – but here are some examples of our work:

Bubble Chart

Baseball – Pull the Pitcher


Google News Map

Chart to Art:

Alex Dragulescu – Spam Architecture

Jev Bratt – DataBase Imagery

Jason Salavon

Martin Wattenberg – Shape of Song

Stamen – Digg Labs

Flickr Related Tag Browser


Flex Charting

Hans Rosling Ted Talk 2006


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I put together a page listing all the design patterns meetings and presentations we’ve had so far. Here it is. As you will see, many of the presenters are not sending me their presentations. Keith Peters even claims to have lost his. Unfortunately, I missed the last meeting so I couldn’t bug everyone. Anyway, hopefully soon, this list will be more complete.

Also, credit for the group goes to Sam Robbins for starting the group. Although, even he hasn’t emailed me his presentations.

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Flywieght Pattern

Begins: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 at 7:00 PM

Ends: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 at 8:00 PM



1 Kendall Sq.

Cambridge, MA

My friend and co-worker James Gauthier will be presenting on Flyweight Pattern tonight. Apparently his power point presentation is totally awesome.

Tags: designPatterns flash code

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So, linking to a url outside of the swf. Wanted to open the url in the same browser window each time. You’d think that getURL(myURL, “myWindow”) would always open the same window. But, it’s inconsistent. So, you can call JavaScript to force the same window to open – but, the character length of the url has to be a lot shorter for the JavaScript call to work. Anyway, this was a pain, hopefully this will save someone a few hours of mind-numbingly-boring testing.

public function load(url_ : String) : Void {
//this doesn't work if over a certain length
if (url_.length< =165){
//957 works for MIE7 and FireFox - this works for MIE 6.029... (really long version #)
//if (url_.length<=957){
var urlToCall : String;
urlToCall="javascript:var popWin; if (!popWin || popWin.closed) {popWin = window.open('"+url_+"','popWinName')} else {popWin.focus(); popWin.location.replace('"+url_+"');}; void(0);";
getURL (urlToCall);
//call doesn't happen if over 2041
if (url_.length>2041){
getURL(url_, "myWindow");

Tested on FireFox 2.004. MIE 7 and MIE 6.029 – WinXP. Swf published for Player 7 using MTASC 1.12. Swf embedded using swfObject.

Obviously this not really Flash’s fault but some combination of Flash, JavaScript, and the browser. Browsers suck.

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Beta of Flex 3 is posted on Labs.

And beta of Player 9 also posted.

The player beta will leverage your computer’s video card for faster rendering (apparently only in full-screen mode). And will cache Flex components, so Flex apps can be deployed as smaller swfs.

Justin has a post on the player here.

Wow – I haven’t posted for a month. So much for the once a week posting resolution. We just moved to a new house – that is my current excuse. Actually it’s a pretty good one. I now paint rooms instead of blog.

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I posted the files from the Adapter and Facade patterns talk I gave Wednesday. The swfs are totally amazing and there would be no way to create them w/o using design patterns.

Files here.

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There are some excellent and very reasonably priced ($40) Flash workshops this week at New England Institute of Art. Topics include: Experimental AS3, Red5, Flex, and Game Development. Speakers include: Keith Peters, Chris Allen, Joey Lott and more. Good stuff. Check them out here. The workshops are part of the Boston Cyber Arts Festival.

Also, we are moving the Design Patterns group to the 2nd Wednesday of May as a result.

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Adapter Pattern Talk

Begins: Wed, 09 May 2007 at 7:00 PM

Ends: Wed, 09 May 2007 at 8:00 PM



One Cambridge Ctr

Cambridge, MA 02142


Link: map to Brightcove

I’ll be giving a talk on the Adapter pattern – and maybe Facade – at the Design Patterns Group. As always pizza and excellent views provided by Brightcove. And beers and foosball afterwards.

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