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Here it is. Right-click, view source. I spent less time on this presentation than I ever have. And it was the first presentation written entirely at Characters. Enjoy.
Observer UML!!
The image above was taken from ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns. The code was also kind of taken from there. Well, the interfaces were anyway.

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Design Patterns group tonight at Brightcove. 7pm 12th floor. We’ll be talking about the Observer pattern.

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UPDATE: Flash on Tap has been postponed to May 2009. It will now be even more awesome!

I’ll be speaking at Flash on Tap this October 7-9 in Boston. This should be a great conference: Flash + Beer = Nothing to Fear? Or something. Anyway, the speaker line up is top notch. I’m pretty psyched to be included in such an impressive group. My topic is Five Minute Design Patterns. Description below…

Screw eight minute abbs. We’ll be learning a new design pattern every five minutes in this high-impact non-aerobic session. That’s ten whole patterns: Adapter, Template, Singleton, Factory, Strategy, Facade, Iterator, Command, Bridge, and Composite. Why so many in so little time? Because patterns are used for many things, but, mostly they are used to impress other developers. So volume counts. “Composite your tree structure!”; “Facade those classes!”; “UML your bridge!”; and “Iterate this!” are just some things you might say after you’ve paid a little bit of attention during this session. Feel the burn!

We’ll see if the preso works (I think it will be fun), but, hey, if it doesn’t, what do you care? You get to drink beer.

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Here is the swf – right-click to view source. And here’s the preso. The source has very little commenting and the preso doesn’t have any notes. But, it still might make sense. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Presentation is in OpenOffice. Here’s a PDF version as well.

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I’ll be giving a talk on the Bridge Pattern at the BFPUG Design Patterns Group(I really need to update that page) this Wednesday (May 7, 2008). As always, it’ll take place at Brightcove and will start at 7pm. And as always, we will get together for beers afterwards at Characters (which is located beneath Brightcove). Please stop by. These are really fun nights. Map here.

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Here are the files from my BFPUG and Harvard Flash User Group talks. I can’t upload the applications I showed of Visual i|o work, but here’s everything else.

Presention File:

A lot of the middle slides I didn’t even show, but, used as notes while I was demoing the apps.

Download - 10MB rar file. Extracts to Open Office doc.

Here is a PowerPoint version compressed as a zip.

Sample Code:

AS2 Bar Chart – code set up for Eclipse using FDT – to run from Flash IDE – import Main.as and run Main.main(); It also uses SOS for tracing.

Flex Chart Bar Chart example (by Peter deHann) – a great example of how easy it is to chart in Flex. I was going to port the above AS2 example to AS3 – but I’m busy and Flex charting is excellent.

Links to sites I mentioned in the talk:


Lokesh Dhakar – Coffee Drinks

Edward Tufte

Khi Vinh – Think Like a Dog

Gapminder World Chart

Patraeus Charts – Iraq by the Numbers

Indo European Languages


MOMA Tall Buildings


National Geographic Ethanol Story

NY Times

Visual i|o data Viz Wak Throughs

Can’t post what I showed – but here are some examples of our work:

Bubble Chart

Baseball – Pull the Pitcher


Google News Map

Chart to Art:

Alex Dragulescu – Spam Architecture

Jev Bratt – DataBase Imagery

Jason Salavon

Martin Wattenberg – Shape of Song

Stamen – Digg Labs

Flickr Related Tag Browser


Flex Charting

Hans Rosling Ted Talk 2006


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Look Ma – I’m speaking at Harvard! I’ll be giving the Data Visualization talk that I just gave at BFPUG to the Harvard University Flash Users Group next Thursday (October 18th). It’s from 12:15 – 1:45 in the Lamont Library. I’m pretty sure you need a Harvard ID to get in, but, if you want to go, send me an email. I’m sure we can figure something out.

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I’ll be giving this month’s BFPUG talk. I’ll be talking about Data Visualization and Flash, covering the following topics:
* What questions can be answered by visualizing data?
* What are the advantages and challenges of interactive data vs. static visualization?
* What are the trends driving the current surge in data and information visualization?
* How do you create a visualization using Flash? (walking through code)

The usual location is under construction – so the talk will take place at the New England School of Art Annex – 303 Boylston St. Brookline. Here’s a map.

The T stop is Brookline Hills on the D Line.

Date: Wednesday September 26th @ 7pm.

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I posted the files from the Adapter and Facade patterns talk I gave Wednesday. The swfs are totally amazing and there would be no way to create them w/o using design patterns.

Files here.

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There are some excellent and very reasonably priced ($40) Flash workshops this week at New England Institute of Art. Topics include: Experimental AS3, Red5, Flex, and Game Development. Speakers include: Keith Peters, Chris Allen, Joey Lott and more. Good stuff. Check them out here. The workshops are part of the Boston Cyber Arts Festival.

Also, we are moving the Design Patterns group to the 2nd Wednesday of May as a result.

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