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This just came up. I’ll be giving my mashup talk again (twice in one week – really getting some good value), this time to BFPUG.

Info here…

Wednesday, March 25
The New England Institute of Art
Center Campus (Brookline Village) http://www.artinstitutes.edu/boston/AboutUs/MapsDirections.aspx
Room 1001-1002

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Here’s a link to a pdf of the mashup talk I just gave to the Harvard Flash User Group.

A special thank you to Oscar Cortes. I shamelessly stole content from the mashup talk he gave to both the Design Patterns group and the excellent Flex Camp Boston.

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I’ll be speaking at the Harvard Flash Group this Thursday. It’s open to the public (kind of), you need to be let in by Nick. So, if you have any interest in going, send me an email. You’d just have to meet at Lamont Library before the talk. I’ll talk about using Flex for creating mashups and the wonder that is Web 2.0. I’ll also walk through some code I will have written by the time of the talk.Harvard University Flash User Group March 19, 2009, 12:15 – 1:45 Lamont Library
Web 2.0 and Mashups w/ Flex

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Todd Anderson will be speaking about Inversion of Control this week at the Design Patterns Group (or the Flash and Beer group). Todd spoke at MAX this year and co-wrote Air: Create, Modify, Reuse and The Flash 3 Cookbook. He is a Senior Software Engineer at Infrared5.

This month’s meeting is a week late due to weather (safety first!!).

Wednesday January 14, 7pm at Brightcove top floor.

Map here.

This month’s beers: Dogfish Head, Spaten, La Chouffe, and whatever looks good at the store on my way to the meeting.

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Tour de Flex is a great Flex reference tool. It might be the first Air app I actually use.

And, it features the Kap Lab components. I haven’t used them yet, but, they look like pretty nice data viz tools – and they are freeware. Currently they include the following components: Tree Map, Radar Chart, Visualilizer (node mapping), and Diagrammer (looks like node mapping where the end user can do the mapping).

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The Election Center now has the actual results from the election. Currently only Missouri is undecided. As always, data is from electoral-votes.com . I’m still planning on open sourcing the the Election Center, but, that might take a few weeks. (Need to do some clean up. And there is still one view I’d like to add.)

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Well, that was fun. NYTimes has the best visualizations (nothing new there).

Obama Victory Speech
McCain Concession Speech
Presidential Map
Presidential Big Board

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Really need to start blogging again. Here’s an example using HierarchicalCollectionViewCursor to set the row color of an Advanced DataGrid by depth. Right-click to view source.

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I made some charts for the General Election. They are updated automatically with polls from Electoral-Vote.com. So make sure to check them every day. Yesterday McCain was up. Today Obama is. It’s exciting (and occasionally depressing – well, yesterday was depressing).

Also, I quit my job and switched to Mac since my last post. So, you can hire me to make charts for you.

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[UPDATE July 18, 2008]

Daniel sent me a link to his preso on the Proxy class. Interesting stuff – Proxy is the new __resolve. Uhh kind of.

Finally got around to updating the Design Pattern Group page. Posted James’s preso on FlyWeight and Phil’s on Template vs Strategy. And added other topics and speakers (I guess for posterity)

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