Data Visualization Talk Files

I can't upload the applications I showed of Visual i|o work, but here's everything else.

Presention File:

A lot of the middle slides I didn't even show, but, used as notes while I was demoing the apps.

Download - 10MB rar file. Extracts to Open Office doc.

Sample Code:

AS2 Bar Chart

AS3 Bar Chart

Flex Chart Bar Chart

Links to sites I mentioned in the talk:


Lokesh Dhakar - Coffee Drinks

Edward Tufte

Khi Vinh - Think Like a Dog

Gapminder World Chart

Patraeus Charts - Iraq by the Numbers

Indo European Languages


MOMA Tall Buildings


National Geographic Ethanol Story

NY Times

Visual i|o data Viz Wak Throughs

Can't post what I showed - but here are some examples of our work:

Bubble Chart

Baseball - Pull the Pitcher


Google News Map

Chart to Art:

Alex Dragulescu - Spam Architecture

Jev Bratt - DataBase Imagery

Jason Salavon

Martin Wattenberg - Shape of Song

Stamen - Digg Labs

Flickr Related Tag Browser


Flex Charting

Hans Rosling Ted Talk 2006