Adding the slide show to your site

To use on your own site, you need the swf, swf object, and an html page to hold the swf,. Get them here.


If you extract that zip, launch the html page, and add parameters to the url (put "?user=flickrUser&tags=dog" at the end of the url) , this should work.


You can also put the params in the html page rather than having them in the url. To do that change slideShow.html here...

so.addVariable("user", getQueryParamValue("user"));


so.addVariable("user", "yourFlickrUserNameHere");

Change the so.addVariable("tags" etc.. the same way.


This example uses swfObject, which is free and what you should use for embedding all of your swfs.


The full source for this is availble here.



Summary: My code is free to use for everything, but, it relies on flashr to connect to flickr, which is only licensed for non-commerical work.

My code:,,, and all code from com.forestAndTheTrees are Creative Common Share Alike. You can use the code for anything you want (including commerical work), but, if you change it, you have to share it.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.


Flashr : Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.0. So, you can't use it for commercial work.

Flashr uses some 3rd party code: LuminicBox, Suite75, DynamicFlash, and Shockwave_India. I took a quick look at those licenses and they look similar to the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike. But, if you use these for commercial work, you should double check.