How to create a simple mash-up using Flash and flickr

This example uses Kelvin Luck's flickr api wrapper, flashr. You don't need to use a wrapper to create a mash-up, but, it makes your life easier. Kelvin's wrapper is excellent and the mailing list is very helpful. That said, here's how to do it...

1. Get a flickr api key. It's immediate. You need it to make any calls to the flickr API.

2. Get the Flash files.

3. Open the slideShow.fla. Put your api key into the apiKey variable on the main timeline.

4. Change the user name or tags.

5. Publish.


If you want to change more than the user name or the tags, the easiest things to change are ..

Edit the slide show navigation interface in the fla.

Change the slide transition in Or, create a new SlideTransition by implementing " com.forestandthetrees.slideShow.transition.ISlideTransition."

Edit "" to change the API calls to flickr.


The example below gets user:eyeblink photos with tags: street, bw - photos below copyright James Wendell


You need to upgrade your Flash Player

click here to upgrade your Flash Player

If you know you have Flash Player 7 or later, click here to go to findr.

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My code:,,, and all code from com.forestAndTheTrees are Creative Common Share Alike. You can use the code for anything you want (including commerical work), but, if you change it, you have to share it.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.


Flashr : Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.0. So, you can't use it for commercial work.

Flashr uses some 3rd party code: LuminicBox, Suite75, DynamicFlash, and Shockwave_India. I took a quick look at those licenses and they look similar to the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike. But, if you use these for commercial work, you should double check.


Flickr: All photos are copyright their respective owners on flickr (you can request photos with a specific license using the flickr api). Additionally, the flickr api cannot be used for commerical work unless you request a commercial license. License here.