— Forest and the Trees

Bill Scott’s presentation on designing web interfaces is great. I’ll be buying his book. (via DashboardSpy)

I just ran across datavisualization.ch. Add it to your must reads (along w/ infosthetics and flowing data. And so many more.)

Spent some time going through this flickr set.

And watched this video of Manuel Lima from Visual Complexity.

Also, there’s a Flex Data Visualization contest.

Holy shit. It appears people actually (finally, thank god) care about data visualization. For the first time, I don’t think you can keep track of all the examples (and still have time for work). I remember when Public APIs hit that point maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Exciting.

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Not Flash (or Flex – OMG! FlexBuilder is now FlashBuilder! – really, who cares?) but, these are pretty sweet. FlipFlopFlyBall.

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Oakland Crime Spotting time selector is great.

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Amazingly, made it through ten patterns in an hour – even w/ my long winded intro.

Presentation here: keynote, pdf, ppt.

Code is here. Right-click, view source. There is a different application file for each of the patterns. So, only the first example (the non-patterns example) is viewable on-line.

Thanks to everyone who attended the talk. It was a great turnout and I had a blast.

Kudos to Chris and Rebecca for putting on such a great conference. Flash on Tap definitely rocked. Can’t wait for next year.

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No, not the tour to support Smell the Glove. But, Flash on Tap! Which takes a sophisticated view of sex and puts in on a farm. Excuse me, I mean, takes a sophisticated view of Flash puts it on a beer festival.

Beer! Flash! Talking! Beer (including Haverill, Lagunitas, Smuttynose, and Stone – some of my favorites)! May 28 – 30th at the castle in Boston. It will be fun. You should go.

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This just came up. I’ll be giving my mashup talk again (twice in one week – really getting some good value), this time to BFPUG.

Info here…

Wednesday, March 25
The New England Institute of Art
Center Campus (Brookline Village) http://www.artinstitutes.edu/boston/AboutUs/MapsDirections.aspx
Room 1001-1002

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Here’s a link to a pdf of the mashup talk I just gave to the Harvard Flash User Group.

A special thank you to Oscar Cortes. I shamelessly stole content from the mashup talk he gave to both the Design Patterns group and the excellent Flex Camp Boston.

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I’ll be speaking at the Harvard Flash Group this Thursday. It’s open to the public (kind of), you need to be let in by Nick. So, if you have any interest in going, send me an email. You’d just have to meet at Lamont Library before the talk. I’ll talk about using Flex for creating mashups and the wonder that is Web 2.0. I’ll also walk through some code I will have written by the time of the talk.Harvard University Flash User Group March 19, 2009, 12:15 – 1:45 Lamont Library
Web 2.0 and Mashups w/ Flex

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Now I can copy and paste this code instead of having to remember a.name().toString();

Anyway – this takes
var x : XML =
<node name=’Doug’ hadAGoodTimeSleddingOnSunday = ‘true’/>
o.name = “Doug”;
o.hadAGoodTimeSleddingOnSunday = “true” //yup you’d want to type that as a Boolean.

var o : Object = {};
var atts : XMLList = x.attributes();
for each (var a : XML in atts) {
var propName : String = a.name().toString();
o[propName] = a.toXMLString();

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Todd Anderson will be speaking about Inversion of Control this week at the Design Patterns Group (or the Flash and Beer group). Todd spoke at MAX this year and co-wrote Air: Create, Modify, Reuse and The Flash 3 Cookbook. He is a Senior Software Engineer at Infrared5.

This month’s meeting is a week late due to weather (safety first!!).

Wednesday January 14, 7pm at Brightcove top floor.

Map here.

This month’s beers: Dogfish Head, Spaten, La Chouffe, and whatever looks good at the store on my way to the meeting.

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