— Forest and the Trees

  1. 2008 US Presidential General Election Dashboard
  2. 2008 US Presidential Democratic Primary Election Dashboard
  3. findr - a related tag browser for flickr
  4. slide show – open source flash slide show
  5. Design Patterns Group page. Has links to some of the presentations given plus some Design Pattern links.
  6. Presentations
  7. visual-io – where I used to work – three examples below
  8. babytracker - track your pregnancy on-line – also available for FlashLite2
  9. agetracker - track your age, and include a picture – available for FlashLite2
  10. Fast sorts for Flash AS1
  11. data widgets – simple widgets for url encoding, getting date millisecond values, testing xml
  12. idgit - the art site I never update – currently one polar geometry animation set to music
  13. euphonic - the band I used to be in – also never updated. Press kit has some nice charts.
  14. beach panoramas
  15. And, of course the links page on this site. I don’t write posts about all the Flash Data Visualizations I find. But, I do post them to delicious (it’s easy) and display them on the links page.
  16. Not sure if these are projects, but
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