findr is a finalist (application category) for a FlashForward award.

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Find photos on flickr by browsing and refining related tags.

Click here to start (you need to enter the initial tag).

Flash 7 required

The most interesting feature of this experiment is the ability to refine your search by eliminating tags. When you click on a tag, flickr returns that tag's list of related tags. Findr then compares that list with the previous list(s) of tags and displays the intersection. So, instead of forgetting about previous searches, findr allows you to drill down within a tag set.

I also like seeing how querying by more and more tags eliminates a large percentage of photos. It gives you a sense of how people use tags.

It's also a good way to see find tag spamming: 1, 2. Check out findr with advanced controls for a way to reduce tag spam - select Advanced Controls and noise reduction.

That said, it's really all about looking at pictures.

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I couldn't have done this without Kelvin Luck's fantastic Flickr API wrapper for Flash .