Software License

All the code on the site is free to use and is licensed under Unlicense. All my public repos are licensed using the MIT license. I think this is the best approach, but please contact me if you disagree. The goal is to make my public code as easy to use as possible. I’m happy to license anything under a permissive software license.

Why make it complicated?

Unlicense is more in line with my intentions, but there are some concerns that Unlicense may not hold up to legal scrutiny because it has not undergone as many legal tests as the MIT license. Because of that, MIT-licensed software is frequently preferable for inclusion in commercial software.

Wow, software licensing is a drag.

Don’t get me started.

What about just not licensing your software at all?

Unlicensed software defaults to copyright by the software’s author, which means no one can use it without explicit permission. I’m a fan of licensing everything.